Lobster Parlour Pots

After enduring decades of winter storms and damage to “any old” Lobster Pots we decided to start making our own in 2014.  Monteum manufacture durable plastic Lobster Parlour Pots, the famous “George Hurst” type, which which we also sell on the wholesale market.

Monteum’s Lobster Parlour Pots are more durable and out preform others on the market because they are made of plastic and rubber which has many advantages over the steel lobster pots for sale elsewhere:

A standard plastic Parlour Pot measures approximately 30″ x 18″, has an 8″ black plastic entrance and weights 18.5kg. All our pots are made from scratch by hand in Sussex and all pots are made to order.

Should you wish, an escape hatch can be included in the manufacturing of the lobster parlour pots at no additional cost to allow for the release of any juveniles.

Our Lobster Parlour Pots are priced as per the list below.

ItemPrice (each)
Standard Lobster Parlour Pot - (8” entrance, standard 18.5kg weight base)POA
Extra Over Standard Lobster Parlour Pot
14mm HoopsPOA
3 HooksPOA
Jersey Rings (c. 21.5kg)POA
10" EntrancePOA
Juvenile Escape HatchesIncl
Individual Items for Kits
Jersey RingPOA
Entrance (8")POA
Entrance (10")POA
Meshed FramePOA
Sundry Items
7 Tooth Creep - 316 Stainless SteelPOA
7 Tooth Creep - Mild SteelPOA
5 Tooth Creep - 316 Stainless SteelPOA
5 Tooth Creep - Mild SteelPOA


All prices are exclusive of VAT and carriage. Additionally we also sell ancillary products such a diverse selection of potting ropes, buffs etc.

Should you wish to place an order or discuss our fantastic Lobster Parlour Pots and other products please contact Chris Huxtable today on telephone 01273 463014, email Chris Huxtable at info@monteumltd.co.uk or fill in the form below:

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    Plastic pots tend to give and recover to their original shape without damage in just a few minutes. Whereas a steel pot is normally bent for life.

    Plastic pots always land right-side up on the seabed…

    …Steel Pots don’t!