Our Fishing Industry on the up!

Local MP Tim Loughton and John Malone of HMP Lewes came to visit Monteum Ltd to celebrate the working partnership we have with HMP Lewes in our new Lobster Pot manufacturing venture.

We are proud that we are working closely alongside HMP Lewes, enabling inmates to gain new valuable skills to assist them in their futures. Additionally we hope that by employing young unskilled workers and training them, their valuable education will provide our fishing industry with a bright and shiny future.


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Keep it easy with a simple salad and a Local RFS Dressed crab at only £22.95/kg or a Local RFS cooked lobster at only £22.50/kg!!! Dinner couldn’t be yummier or easier!

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With the weather set to be scorching why not pop into our air conditioned shop and pick up and locally caught and hand picked dressed crab at only £22.95/kg?
Fantastic with a simple salad and a cold bottle of wine and also Responsible Fishing Scheme accredited. Brilliant!
You could always top it of with a Caipirinha and get the hot Brazilian vibe really flowing ready for tonights World Cup 2014 kick off!

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WOW!!!! Our Lobster price is now from only £18.95/kg!!! With this gorgeous weather we’re having and our fabulous prices there really isn’t any reason why you can’t spoil yourself with a tasty local lobster and a glass of Chablis or two……

…..remember our lobsters are Responsible Fishing Scheme accredited so you can feel pretty good about yourself too!

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Our Yummy Cod Fillet

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Cod Fillet £11.10/kg.  Gorgeous simply baked dressed down with butter & black pepper. Serve with green beans and sweet potatoes.

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Lovely Local Lemon Sole £12.20/kg & Local Cod Fillet £12.55/kg.

Perfect for simply steaming up and serving with a slice of lemon and some hot fresh green vegetables. Yum.

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Monday 23rd December: 8am – 5pm

Tuesday 24th December: 7am – 12 noon

Wednesday 25th December: CLOSED

Thursday 26th December: CLOSED

Friday 27th December: CLOSED

Saturday 28th December: 8am – 4pm

Sunday 29th December: 9am – 1pm

Monday 30th December: 8am – 5pm

Tuesday 31st December 7am – 12 noon

Wednesday 1st January: CLOSED

Tuesday 2nd January: 8am – 5pm

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Lovely Local Squid

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Gorgeous local squid freshly landed only £9.95/kg! …..I’m having baby squid in an anchovie, olive, caper and tomato sauce…..Delicious!

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Fresh Local Fish

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Excellent Fresh Local Fish: Beautiful Brill £8.95/kg; Lovely Lemon Soles £9.95/kg and Devilishly Delicious Dover Soles from £18.95/kg.

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Fresh Sardines

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Beautifully Fresh Sardines £4.65/kg and Local Brill at £8.95/kg make a welcome addition to anyone’s plate….keep it simple with wholemeal toast and grilled tomatoes. Excellent!

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